Google some pictures and you will see why Dubrovnik is a must visit (even if you are not into the ‘Game of Thrones’). Being a walled city standing from the medieval times, it is a great destination for history buffs. Walk around the city walls, relax on pristine Adriatic beaches, admire the well-preserved baroque architecture and red rooftops in the old town, ride the cable car to the mountain and take in the breath-taking city skyline. If you still have energy left, hop over to one of the beautiful islands nearby or just enjoy some delicious local seafood in the evening.

Combine it with a visit to – Greece or Italy.



A country that measures its progress in terms of ‘Gross National Happiness,’ Bhutan is rightly referred to as the hidden treasure of Himalayas. Steeped in Buddhist history, the kingdom gives a new meaning to the words peace and purity. Beautiful sceneries are a foregone conclusion. Buddhist monasteries, spiritual experiences, mountain trekking, colourful festivals, real spicy food and some warm smiles await the traveller. Exploring Bhutan will be an experience of a lifetime.

Combine it with a visit to – Northeastern states of India.



The only way most of us remember Patagonia is from the school Geography classes. The region is actually a nature lover’s paradise. Vast remote land will help you disconnect from the world while the picturesque landscape will make you wonder why this destination isn’t more popular. If activities like glacier trekking, penguin watching, horseback riding and hiking through beautiful sceneries interest you, consider Patagonia for your next vacation.

Combine it with a visit to – Buenos Aires, Argentina or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Among the youngest countries in the world, Montenegro has something for every kind of traveller. Sunny Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for water lovers. Nature explorers would be attracted to its beautiful national parks. Medieval fortresses and old baroque buildings appeal to the art and architecture enthusiasts. Scenic landscapes ensure plenty of photo opportunities. A stay at the luxurious Aman Sveti Stefan will make the Montenegro experience near perfect.

Combine it with a visit to – Dubrovnik, Croatia or other Eastern European countries.



An island to the south of mainland Australia, Tasmania claims to have the cleanest air on the planet and hence is the place for those who love outdoors. Tasmania is a collection of World Heritage sites. Travellers would relish its gorgeous views, spectacular water bodies, endless walking trails, relaxing sandy beaches and diverse wildlife. Add to this the scenic drives, delectable food and wonderful variety of wines and you get a complete trip.

Combine it with a visit to – Sydney, Melbourne in Australia or New Zealand.



Formerly part of Soviet Union and way up north near Scandinavia, some call Latvia as Europe’s best kept secret. The capital Riga boasts of wonderful architecture, rich culture and fascinating history. Artistically designed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets and enchanting facades will make you fall in love with Riga. There is plenty to enjoy for music and food enthusiasts too. Outside Riga, Latvia has stunning natural beauty in the form of national parks, waterfalls and beaches.

Combine it with a visit to – St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia.



If hot-air ballooning over temples is an idea that fascinates you, Bagan is the place. Bagan brings with itself a curiosity to explore Myanmar, a country that till recently was not very open to the outside world. It is primarily known for its Pagodas, some of which are more than 1000 years old. Rent a bike or horse cart to explore the ruins, visit the rural villages to go back in time and indulge in temple hopping, but first get that balloon ride done.

Combine it with a visit to – Chiang Mai and other wonderful Thailand destinations.



Iceland is not as far as people think and neither it is as cold as it sounds. It is in fact nature at its best and unspoilt version. The country offers an incomparable combination of experiences. Every natural formation is here in its purest form. These include geothermal spas, glaciers, colourful mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves and much more. While these appeal to the adventurous traveller in the countryside, the architecture, culture and party seekers will enjoy the capital, Reykjavik. And did we say Northern Lights?

Combine it with a visit to – Scandinavian countries.



Except South Africa and Egypt, not many African countries feature in a regular traveller’s list. Consider Namibia. If stargazing interests you, Namibia is the place thanks to its cloudless skies, clean air and minimal artificial lights especially in winters. For adrenaline junkies, there are some fairly unique activities like dune running, sand boarding, cave diving and quad biking. These are well-complemented by surreal desert landscapes, amazing wildlife, beautiful lodges and chance for some authentic cultural experiences.

Combine it with a visit to – Cape Town, South Africa and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.



Think South Korea and the image of a technology friendly region comes to mind. Although not as popular with the tourists as its famed neighbours, Korea has much to offer. Hundreds of colourful Buddhist temples along with stunning skyscrapers demonstrate that the country balances its embrace for modernity with reverence for tradition. Shoppers will like the trendy fashion boutiques, foodies will savour the fresh flavours and nightlife seekers will enjoy the party clubs. The blazing fast Internet speeds and ubiquitous Wi-Fi make it even more appealing to the geeky tourist.

Combine it with a visit to – Japan or China.