Located at the crossroads of several civilizations, the eternally photogenic Morocco has been a dream destination for many of us over the years. A diverse country filled with stunning mountains, sweeping deserts, ancient colourful cities, mouth-watering cuisine and warm hospitality, Morocco offers a holistic and enchanting vacation time. From backpackers to luxury travellers and from adventure seekers to foodies, there is plenty for everyone here! And did we mention it has accommodation choices like no other? The traditional ‘riads’ mostly found in a city’s medina are locally run and with their exquisitely decorated spaces, intricate tilework, open patio gardens, they offer a serene oasis of cool calm amidst the hustle-bustle of the medinas.

Exploring some of the best Moroccan destinations and experiences while resting on your couch, might take you to a different time and era.


The Blue Pearl of Morocco surely gets a lot of love on Instagram! The 500-year-old Chefchaouen perched below the peaks of the Rif mountains offers a great blend of ease and authenticity and is a perfect place to wander without the urge to check-off local sights.


Fes, it seems, is frozen in time. Here, Andalusian and African architecture is coupled with old school handicraft trades. Admire Moroccan culture at its barest and truest form through its maze-like streets, spice markets, souks, tanneries, fabric stalls and trinket shops.


Art Deco design meets Moorish architecture at the unique Jardin Majorelle, one of Marrakech’s most pleasing sites. You will quickly realize that it was designed by a painter and the impact of the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent on its architecture, who called it home for many years, will be apparent!


Located high in the Atlas Mountains, the Ouzoud Waterfalls are a true wonder of nature! Get up close to the falls on a hand-powered raft, check out the monkeys that call this river valley their home or get a mesmerizing vista of the falls from a cafe at the edge of water.


The charm of Marrakech is inexplicable, with its blue architecture, bustling bazaars, the fragrances of the souks and the wisps of desert sand. The famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square is truly the mess everyone describes with multiple thousands of people at night eating, shopping, listening to bands and watching magicians!


Driving through the Atlas Mountains can be an experience of a lifetime, with rugged cliffs, vibrant natural colours and scenic hilltop villages. For the adventurer and nature lover in you, a variety of hiking and trekking experiences catering to multiple skill levels await you at these mountains.


Did we talk about Morocco and not mention the desert so far? Camel rides through the vast deserts that end with camping under the twinkling stars and listening to the sound of nothingness with sights of large dunes and remote oases are some memories that will stay with you forever.


At the end of the Moroccan vacation, one of the hardest parts about coming home can be leaving behind that delicious cuisine. Couscous, Tagine, Rfissa, Harira, Zaalouk are some popular local dishes that will not only tickle the palate but will also leave you immensely satiated and happy.

Morocco can be overwhelming and does not offer the typical Middle-Eastern or the refined European style Mediterranean milieu. However, the sheer variety of experiences here combined with authentic simplicity have ensured that it tops the travel lists of every publication and website, year after year.