Life is a celebration of the years gone by, and while all birthdays are special, there are certain years that are more memorable than others. Known as ‘Milestone Birthdays’, these significant events call for a celebration to set a tone for the next phase of your life. Whether it’s taking a long-awaited solo trip or ticking off that bucket list destination with your loved ones, jet-setting across the world is the perfect way to ring in this special day.

The possibilities for these trips are endless, however, there are certain destinations that are tailor-made to celebrate these milestones. With a list that will have you wishing you got there sooner, here are the suggestions to reward yourself with some unforgettable memories.


You may have spent the last few years’ pub hopping with your first hard-earned money. However, you are officially a grown-up now and that calls for a big celebration! A 30th birthday trip needs adventure and excitement, but also something to splurge on for a few more comforts than your backpacking days.



Whether you opt for a life-changing trek along the Inca trail to Machu Picchu or glamp by the many luxury mountainside camps, you are guaranteed magnificent views of the ruins wherever you go. The journey alongside the wonders of Machu Picchu is more than just a hike, as the luxury options here offer you a chance to enjoy hot showers, massages and meals cooked by a private chef. There is more to this destination than just being a trekker’s paradise though. Visit the diverse Amazon jungle, be adventurous with the Peruvian cuisine or explore the artisan quarters full of galleries and boutiques. With its vast topography, Peru is sure to be an experience of a lifetime!

Must Do Adventure – Learn to survive in a jungle safari in one of the most extreme environments on the planet with nothing but your hands, a machete, and some wisdom from one of the most experienced jungle guides.



Stunningly beautiful Iceland is often referred to as paradise on earth. With more natural wonders than any other small island on the planet, it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular destinations nowadays. From volcanic deserts to icy glaciers and black sand beaches, this island is filled with mythical beauty. Untouched landscapes and dramatic views offer spectacular photo opportunities. Iceland is home to diverse sightseeing areas and UNESCO world heritage sites which make it possible to have multiple experiences such as visiting a glacier, spending time on the beach or exploring an active volcano all in the same day. Complete this memorable trip with a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon to make it an unforgettable celebration!

Must Do Adventure – Hunt for the Northern Lights at your own pace on a self-drive tour of Iceland.


The big 4-0 may seem quite overwhelming. However, as they say, life begins at forty! This is the perfect milestone to treat yourself to a vacation which allows you to escape routine life and reconnect with yourself.

Costa Rica


With its rainforest views and luxurious rentals, Costa Rica is a dream destination. It is hard not to fall in love with their ‘Pura Vida’ way of life which is a catchphrase to embrace the carefree ideology. What better time than your forties to experience a happy and content way of living? Relax on the calm Caribbean coast or explore the magical cloud forest in Monteverde. The adventurer in you will love ziplining or spotting the most incredible wildlife you can see anywhere on the planet. If you want to experience luxury at its best, the various hot springs across Costa Rica offering a backdrop of the tropical forests and waterfalls, are a perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Must Do Adventure – Learning to surf at any age is an incredible experience, but celebrating your 40th birthday with a surf trip to Costa Rica will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!



Take a trip off-the-beaten track to the mesmerising sights of Jordan! With its unique World Heritage sites and vast desert landscapes, Jordan is an explorer’s haven. Learn the local way of life from some of the most hospitable people in the world. Float away all your worries as you relax in the Dead Sea or rejuvenate on the white beaches of the Red Sea. Revisit centuries of history gone by at the world-famous Petra ruins. Jordan also has some of the oldest wineries and is known as a gastronome’s delight with its variety of street food and desserts on offer. The life-changing experiences here are a perfect way to ring in your birthday and celebrate the decades gone by!

Must Do Adventure – Camp out in the Wadi Rum under a blanket of stars and bask in the impregnable silence of the desert. This experience could be like pressing a reset button in your life.


You have spent a majority of your time taking care of your loved ones over the past few decades, turning fifty though calls for some time to splurge on yourself. This important milestone is a time to throw caution to the wind and celebrate all that you have achieved!



A trip to the icy continent of Antarctica might as well be like visiting another planet. With its barren and untouched landscape for centuries, this part of the world was inaccessible to many for a very long time. However, with an increasing series of attractions and luxury cruises, it is now a great destination for nature lovers. Preserved for centuries, Antarctica is home to some of the most extraordinary species of seabirds and wildlife. Follow the footsteps of famous scientists who visited this continent and achieved various degrees of success in exploring it. Glide across the crystal clear icy water with mountain ranges and exotic wildlife all around you!

Must Do Experience – Skiing in Antarctica is spectacular and immensely rewarding. There is something for everyone, from gentle slopes to steep faces, from established classics to first descents. Definitely a lot to make the 50th an unprecedented celebration!



With its mix of ancient traditions, culture and a splash of colour, Morocco is a feast for your senses. This North African country combines the best of the Middle East and Europe. Dramatic sand dunes and palm tree-filled oasis astound you with their natural beauty. Get lost in the medinas of the historic cities with their twisting streets full of aroma coming from the spice market and brightly coloured homes. Trek through the canyons and high Atlas or challenge your inner chef to learn traditional Moroccan food. A stroll through the famous blue Chefchaouen on your birthday, however, will give you that perfect opportunity for incredible pictures to capture these memorable moments.

Must do experience – Hiking to the top of North Africa’s highest peak, the Jebel Toubkal is not for faint-hearted, but the views when you reach the top are beyond rewarding.


Remember the things you had planned to do on reaching this monumental birthday? Whether it’s relaxing with that perfect drink in your hand or partying in style, no dream is too far away any more. After years of hard work, love and laughter that you have shared, this is one trip that you have earned for yourself.

Napa Valley


Take a stroll through the wineries of Napa Valley as you enjoy a sip a of the prized Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate the years gone by! With more than 400 wineries dotting the vast expanse of this region, Napa Valley is one of the finest wine countries in the world. Small boutique hotels and bistros line up the grassy slopes of the region offering live music and a chance to interact with the winemakers. Quaint lodges and expansive tasting rooms form the heart of this connoisseur’s paradise; however, this is more than just a wine region. With its plethora of fun activities that include everything from admiring great artwork to taking a personal cooking class, you will never run out of things to explore.

Must do Experience – Celebrate your 60th birthday on a hot air balloon ride above the majestic landscape of Napa Valley and top it with a privately catered champagne breakfast. This is truly an experience that you will talk about for years to come.



Steeped in rich history and cultured cities, Scotland is an incredible destination. Studded with romantic lochs, rugged coastlines and towering mountains, it is a mecca for travel enthusiasts. Travel back in time watching the ancient monuments and buildings as you hear stories of royalty that go back centuries. As you take a leisure cruise around the coasts and islands of Scotland, be prepared to be amazed by the treasures of this spectacular country. Food aficionados have long raved about the top quality local produce available here along with the wide range of single malt whiskies offering you a glimpse into the true flavour of Scotland. From local poetry readings to spectacular wildlife, the Scottish Highlands are one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Must do Experience – Learn beer brewing from a commercial brewer in an award winning microbrewery where you will get unrivalled insights into the brewing process. This may nudge you to a take up another career in your 60’s!

Whichever destination you choose, these milestone birthdays are a landmark to celebrate and deserve a little more attention than your regular ones. Travel to one or all of these places to reflect on what you have achieved and create memories that will last a lifetime.